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This is a list of events that occurred in 2262:




Monday, March 3rd, 2262


  • Byron's telepaths remain dug in in Brown Sector, threatening a hunger strike. Lochley manages to get inside the barricade and talk to Byron directly, but is unable to convince anyone to leave.
  • G'Kar and Londo Mollari rescue Na'Toth from imprisonment in the Centauri Royal Palace.
  • The Drazi announce that they have discovered debris from a Brakiri ship in the wreckage of the latest attack on their shipping lanes, while at the same time the Gaim announce that they have discovered debris from Drazi ships at the site of one of their attacks. An analysis by head of ISA Covert Intelligence Michael Garibaldi shows that both pieces were cut off and planted at the scenes in an attempt to frame either race.
  • Regardless of the evidence, the Drazi Freehold sends warships to it's borders with orders to fire on any ship that crosses into Drazi space without proper authorization.
  • At the request of Captain Elizabeth Lochley, Psi Cop Alfred Bester arrives on the station to help deal with the telepath crisis. Sensing his presence, a splinter group of telepaths breaks into an armoury and attempt to kill Bester. They fail but a maintenance worker who was cutting through the barricade is caught in the crossfire and killed along with a security guard.
  • President Sheridan orders the White Star fleet to the Drazi border with orders to intervene if the Drazi attack any Brakiri ships.
  • Bester meets with his Psi Corps Bloodhound Unit who have just arrived on the station.



Doctor Benjamin Kyle officially retires as head of xenobiological research at Earth Dome. [6]


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