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This is a list of events that occurred in the 2270s:

2271 Edit


Alfred Bester is finally tracked down and arrested in Paris.[1]


Prime Minister Durla meets with President John Sheridan and Michael Garibaldi, accusing them of funding terrorist activities in the Centauri Republic.[2]


Simon Burke, a security officer stationed on Babylon 5, is possessed by Asmodeus while on a vacation to Earth. Father Cassidy and Colonel Elizabeth Lochley figure out how to safely free Burke from this control.[3]

Saturday, December 30, 2271

2273 Edit

2274 Edit

  • The Centauri Republic attacks a number of defenseless but strategically valuable border worlds at the edge of their territory, as part of a campaign of increased belligerence towards the Interstellar Alliance. Among the targets are Mipas, Shandukan, Bricarn 9, and Harper's World.[5]

2275 Edit

  • G'Kar is covertly on Centauri Prime disguised in a Changeling Net, when he prevents an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Durla by Lord Yson at a public engagement. To prevent G'Kar being executed as an off world spy, Emperor Londo Mollari invites him to stay in the Royal Palace as his guest, a reward for saving his Prime Minister's life.[6]

Circa 2276 Edit

2278 Edit


Thursday, December 18, 2278
Wednesday, December 24, 2278
  • After they are released, Delenn warns Sheridan not to go to Z'ha'dum, while he is in a time flux related to events that took place on Babylon 4 many years earlier.
  • Emperor Londo Mollari dies along his with long time friend, G'Kar. [8]
  • Vir Cotto rises to the throne of the Centauri Republic after Emperor Mollari dies. He flees Centauri Prime along with Senna Refa and with those heads of noble houses that were able to escape, setting up a government in exile on Minbar.[9]

2279 Edit

Sunday, January 4, 2279
  • IA President John Sheridan legitimizes Vir's government-in-exile with the Minbar Accord.[9]
Thursday, January 8, 2279
  • David Sheridan II is freed from the keeper that was placed on him when Shiv'kala is killed.
Friday, January 16, 2279
  • Delenn is unanimously elected to the office of president of the Interstellar Alliance.[7]
  • After declining re-election to the Interstellar Alliance presidency, John Sheridan becomes the new Anla'Shok Na/Entil'Zha, leader of the Rangers.[7]


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