Jovian Sunspot

A Jovian Sunspot.

Alcohol commonly referred to ethyl alcohol, found in alcoholic beverages. It is a psychoactive drug and one of the oldest recreational drugs used by humans.

Oxy Pills were shown to fight off the effects of alcohol intoxication and its associated hangover.[1][2][3]


It is dangerous for Minbari to consume, even in small amounts because it affects their systems in such a way that causes psychosis and homicidal rages.[4]

Drinking wine allowed Londo Mollari to escape the control of his Keeper, for a short time.[5]



Garibaldi holding up a glass of water.

Tilar was a techno-mage apprentice who was cast away in 2255. He became prone to consuming alcohol to the point where he was suffering from alcoholism.[6]

Michael Garibaldi fought off alcoholism many times throughout his life.[1][7][3]

Common Alcoholic BeveragesEdit

  • Bor'Kaan: A very potent and (to humans) nasty Drazi alcoholic drink beverage. Human can only safely drink Bor'Kann after first taking an alcohol blocker. After Commander Susan Ivanova became 'Green Leader' for Babylon 5's Drazi population during the selection of a new Shadak, the local Drazi created a new drink in her honour called "Bor'Kaan Volshool Ivanova". They claimed to have made it palatable for her by "diluting" with Russian vodka.[8][9]
Brivari 01

" understand Brivari, yes?"

  • Brivari: A Centauri alcoholic drink and the official celebratory drink of the Couro Prido society.[10][8] The beverage must maintain a constant temperature or its very delicate flavour can be destroyed.[11]
  • Comet Tail: An alcoholic drink of human origin. Somewhat more potent than a Jovian Sunspot or Brivari, but not quite as incapacitating as Taree or Hot Jala. Normally comes with a recommended two drink limit to avoid passing out.[8]
  • Jovian Sunspot: A human drink made from cream of coconut, cranberry-apple juice, vodka and orange juice that originates from Zeus, a little dive of a spaceport bar on Station Io. Susan Ivanova has claimed to have been one of the drink's creators by suggesting to Floyd (the bartender at Zeus) that he add vodka into the mix.[8] John Sheridan and Abbut both had a particular fondness for Jovian Sunspots.[12][13]
  • Kompa: A potent Llort alcoholic drink which shares its name with the drinking game by which it is consumed.[8]
  • Kriul: A very potent Narn drink that is lethal to humans, but can be used as a disinfectant.[8]
  • Peetcha: A Grome drink made from a tasty concoction of fermented fruit.[14]
  • Pree: A Hyach drink. It causes humans to shed hair if consumed.[8]
  • Rmm*zzq!wwx: An extremely incapacitating pak'ma'ra drink that roughly translates as "Roadkill Malt". Humans are advised to avoid sampling at all costs.[8]

Ambassador G'Kar enjoying a glass of Taree.

  • T'm'lai'na: A very potent Abbai drink that has been known to dissolve human intestines and corrode metal.[8]
  • Taree: A Narn ruby-coloured wine drink flavoured with a variety of fruits and klaga bark spice.[1][8]


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