"I suppose I ought to confess. When I was a little girl, I had a terrible crush on you. The hero of the Grissom colony. I suppose part of me still needed that hero. You didn't disappoint."

Alice Kimbrell to Lee Crawford, 2216

Dr. Alice Kimbrell was a human medical doctor and neurochemist.


In 2115 she was the youngest editor in the history of the New England Journal of Medicine and was responsible for the publishing of the article "Investigations into Biochemical Sensory Transmission by Duffy and Philen, June 2115" which effectively proved (much to the authors' surprise) the existence of certifiable telepaths.[1]

In early 2116, Alice met with Earth Alliance Senator Lee Crawford shortly after he attended the launch of the Heimdal probe from the Von Braun Shipyard on the Moon. Alice told him that she had discovered a genetic marker that proves that the telepaths had not evolved naturally but had been artificially engineered. Unknown to them both, a group of telepaths who had been tailing Crawford for some time "overheard" their discussion and kidnapped the pair, intent of killing them outside the dome. After being led outside in pressure suits, Crawford managed to overpower and kill the telepaths, saving one to interrogate. The would-be assassin revealed that he was working for Senator Vladmir Tokash of the Russian Consortium, Crawford's main competitor for heading up the proposed Committee on Metasensory Regulation and as it turns out, a telepath himself. Alice left academia and began working as an advisor to Crawford.

In 2117, shortly after Crawford appeared on the "DiPeso Show" in Los Angeles to announce the formation of the Metasensory Regulation Authority, Crawford surprised Alice with a proposal of marriage. Alice, having fallen in love with him agreed. By 2118 the marriage had already begun to show signs of stress with Alice starting to develop a drinking problem. By 2133 the relationship had fully imploded when Alice had an affair with her husband's long time assistant, Tom Nguyen. Though Alice stayed with Lee for a short time after Tom left, having replaced himself with Kevin Vacit, she also eventually left Crawford following a drunken row. A very inebriated Crawford confessed that he'll miss Tom more that Alice, to which Vacit responded "Maybe that's why she did it."


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