"Well, I've found that life is, in general, much easier if I forget most of the things that happen to me."

Amis to Garibaldi

Amis was a lurker aboard Babylon 5, a former Earthforce marine, and a veteran of the Earth-Minbari War.[1]


Earth Minbari WarEdit

Amis was part of an infantry surveillance unit that was ordered to observe a Minbari outpost on a lifeless moon. Landing before they finished the perimeter scans, the group set up camp among old ruined buildings and commenced their observation, but before long, the marines began to notice that something strange had entered their camp. During the night, a presence of some kind appeared and tortured their minds before killing them by extracting their internal organs. Amis was kept alive as a "snack" and slowly drained. When the rescue party arrived, he was severely malnourished, weighing only eighty-five pounds. However, the deaths at the listening post were blamed on the Minbari. Despite the recovery and awards for his service, Amis never really felt right and sensed that the creature had somehow never left him. After leaving Earthforce, Amis soon fell onto hard times.

On Babylon 5Edit

Amis came to Babylon 5 sometime prior to 2259, he eventually managed to lose everything and became a lurker in downbelow. When the Earth sleeper ship Copernicus emerged from deep space, Amis sensed what was on board. After a crazed attempt to warn everyone, he was taken into custody by station security and had to be tranquilized. Security Chief Michael Garibaldi then let him go. When strange things began to happen including a death, the aliens and the station personnel acknowledged the situation. Garibaldi then allowed Amis to show him where it was but came up short. He and Garibaldi then talked about their experiences in the war; he sympathized and started to believe him, but he ran off. When station security finally agreed to act, they organized a hunt. Amis was found being lifted into the air by the creature. They opened fire and it dropped him but was not defeated. Captain John Sheridan suggested trapping it but Amis knew better. He broke away and lured it into the open using himself as bait. It then appeared and attacked him. Sheridan and his party opened fire, killing it. Amis was then freed of his terror.


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