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Babylon 5, Episode 3x20
Production number: 320
First aired: 14th October 1996
64th Babylon 5 episode to be aired
Production Credits
Written By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: David J. Eagle
Executive Producer: Douglas Netter
& J. Michael Straczynski
Producer: John Copeland
Production Designer: John Iacovelli
Director of Photography: John C. Flinn, III A.S.C.
Editor: Skip Robinson
Music By: Christopher Franke
Episode Chronology
Story Date: December 7th - 11th, 2260
Chronological Order
Preceded by: Grey 17 is Missing
Followed by: Shadow Dancing
Broadcast Order
Preceded by: Grey 17 is Missing
Followed by: Shadow Dancing
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Some religious acquaintances of Brother Theo's come to the station. Meanwhile, Londo is instructed to end his feud with Lord Refa even as he conspires to get rid of G'Kar.


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Z Minus 14 Days

Commander Ivanova records a personal log about recent events. Ever since Captain Sheridan figured out that the Shadows could be disrupted by telepaths, he's been recruiting every telepath he could find and sending them off to various resistance camps and ships of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. It's hoped their influence will reduce the Shadows' ability to wreak havoc. Sheridan himself has rarely left the War Room; he's tired, but he keeps pushing himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin, still on his Walkabout, hasn't been seen in over a week. Ivanova hopes he resolves his issues and returns to duty soon. She also notes that, while not a Christian, she appreciates the presence of Brother Theo's monastic order. They've provided a calming influence for the people on the station (as she states this in voiceover, a monk relays a message to Brother Theo who reacts to the letter with some reluctance.). Finally, she notes that Brother Theo's personality bears similarity to someone else she knows...

As the voiceover concludes, we see G'Kar pleading to allow the telepaths to be given Narn bodyguards on a one-to-one basis. Ivanova explains that their security is already being guaranteed, but G'Kar counters that the Narns would be willing to go into danger with the telepaths so as to protect them from Shadow agents.

Meanwhile, Vir is preparing a meal in Londo's quarters. As he does so, Londo comes to the conclusion that he has to deal with G'Kar once and for all, and soon. Vir is reluctant, noting there are more immediate concerns, but Londo insists on dealing with G'Kar before he becomes an immediate concern. Vir points out that G'Kar has sanctuary while he's on Babylon 5, but Londo knows this; his plan is to lure G'Kar back to Narn where he can be caught and executed. And to his surprise, Vir will be instrumental to the plan.

Act IEdit

Ivanova waits in the arrivals area when Brother Theo joins her. He notes that the next few minutes will be notably aggravating for him. As he speaks, a boisterous voice calls out to him. Theo and the new arrival trade verbal barbs for a while before Ivanova asks for introductions. The new arrival is Reverend William A. Dexter, a Southern Baptist. With him are Mr. Chong, a Bhuddist monk, Rashid Abdul, a Muslim cleric, and Jewish Rabbi Meyer. As Ivanova shows them to temporary quarters, a few more notables arrive at the station: Lord Refa and Minister Virini.

Delenn enters the War Room. Sheridan, as usual, is poring over his notes about the Shadow attacks. Even as Delenn tries to tell Sheridan that he's become rather hard to approach, Sheridan remarks that while the Shadows are tactically brutally efficient, their gross strategy seems almost random, leading him to believe there is a greater logic behind them. Finally, Delenn insists that Sheridan take a rest, and he finally admits that, for the most part, he can't. Ever since Kosh was killed, his sleep has been troubled, full of nightmares. Delenn then informs him that some people he'd invited to the station have arrived and are waiting for him. Sheridan tries to say he doesn't have time, but Delenn points out she already made the arrangements, and since Minbari aren't supposed to lie (except to save face), her honor is at stake. Dinner will be in two hours.

Vir returns to Londo's quarters to inform him of the arrival of Refa and Virini, but Londo already knows and is preparing to see them. Meanwhile, and he tells Vir how he'll draw G'kar to Narn. G'Kar's attaché, Na'Toth, hasn't been seen since the end of the Narn-Centauri War. Vir is to go to G'Kar and tell him that Centauri forces have located her and are holding her in the dungeon's below the building once used by the Kha'Ri. The idea is that G'Kar, himself once of the Kha'Ri, would be among the few people who could navigate the maze-like caverns there. Since he and Na'Toth were quite close, he should make haste to Narn...where Londo's guards will be waiting. Vir doesn't want to go through with it, but Londo insists. Vir is the only Centauri G'Kar will have any reason to believe. When Vir's conscience keeps him from agreeing, Londo threatens to reveal his involvement in the Narn underground railroad.

Refa sees Virini to his quarters. Both seem a bit demeaning of the accommodations and the Humans in general, but then Virini gets to the point. Refa and Londo appear to be in the midst of a feud, and Emperor Cartagia wants the matter settled. It won't be easy. Londo has plenty of wealth and influence, but Refa has plenty of allies in the Centaurum. Indeed, Refa invited Virini here to help swam him to Refa's side. Londo arrives just as Refa leaves.

Vir arrives at G'Kar's quarters and relays the message as told to him by Londo.

Act IIEdit

Virini tells Londo the same thing he told Refa: the feud must be settled. Vir joins them. Londo then promises to prove House Mollari's loyalties by deeds rather than by words before leaving.

Outside, Vir is getting angry. He thinks Londo sent him on this demeaning errand just so he could curry favor in the Royal Court. But Londo points out that Vir's too young to understand that this is how Centauri politics works.

Some time later, Sheridan and Delenn have dinner with their guests: Reverend Dexter and his companions along with Brother Theo. Sheridan reveals that the invitation wasn't merely social. With their ties to Earth severed and with ISN now a propaganda machine, it's been difficult to get the real news from back home. Dexter reveals that Brother Theo, despite his constant bickering with him, had been working on the problem. Dexter opens his Bible to reveal a cutout compartment. Inside are Data crystals. In them are various intercepts from all throughout Earth; each had gathered information from their various spheres of influence. The big news is that the Earth Resistance is still very much in operation, as much as President Clark would like the people to think otherwise. He's been trying to paint Babylon 5 as a renegade outpost working with aliens to subvert Earth.

G'Kar goes to Security Chief Garibaldi. He needs to get to the Narn homeworld in secret. Garibaldi points out that leaving means he can be pursued by the Centauri, but G'Kar insists. He just needs a craft able to drop him off just outside the capital and then pick him up again in a few hours. And he needs it immediately.

A despondent Vir goes into a Transport tube. Already in the tube is a Centauri guard. Upon seeing Vir, he presses a button: apparently some kind of signal. When Vir steps out again, several people grab him and drag him back into the transport tube. They take him into a darkened room and shut the door. A spotlight then reveals Lord Refa, who reveals that he intends Vir to tell him Londo's plan to depose Refa...or die.

Act IIIEdit

After dinner, Reverend Dexter talks with Sheridan and has an idea. Before leaving, he hopes to hold an open church in the station's chapel, figuring the energetic style of a Southern Baptist sermon might be more to the station's liking.

Vir is sitting on a stool. Another empty stool is beside him. Refa sits down upon it and beseeches Vir to tell him what Londo has planned. Despite the death threats, Vir steadfastly refuses to talk, so Refa decides to cut to the chase. Another Centauri appears in the light: a telepath. In spite of Vir's resistance, the telepath scans Vir and manages to learn of the plan to draw G'Kar to Narn. Satisfied, Refa leaves Vir in the darkened room so he can't tell Londo.

That night, Dexter finds Sheridan sitting in his office. He walks in and offers some advice. He tells a story and uses it to note that, in his eagerness to work, Sheridan has been pushing away people close to him, and that could be unhealthy. Sheridan doesn't take kindly to the sermon at first but then realizes Dexter has a point: the same point Delenn had been trying to make earlier.

Z Minus 13 Days

G'Kar arrives on the Narn homeworld. Narns there tell him that the cosmic winter effect from the planetary bombardment (dust, constant wind, and colder days) will probably persist for several years at least. The Narns also acknowledge the message he sent earlier, though they note the task is very risky.

Elsewhere on the planet, Refa talks with Drigo. They've been busy setting up an abandoned building to resemble the Centauri Royal Palace, apparently at the suggestion of Virini so that Cartagia would have a suitable place to stay should he visit. Refa then asks Drigo for a favor: a number of loyal guards to accompany him on a mission: to capture G'Kar. Once he has G'Kar, he'll be able to kill Londo safely and present both to Cartagia in tribute.

Act IVEdit

Taking up Dexter's advice, Sheridan invites Delenn into the War Room. Together, they pore over the Shadow attacks. Like Sheridan, Delenn can't make sense of the pattern at first. But Sheridan appreciates the company at least. They decide to present the attacks in a three-dimensional grid again. This time, however, Sheridan notices something, and Delenn agrees. There's a gap in the attack pattern: a quiet zone where no attacks have taken place. A nagging suspicion dawns on Sheridan. What if the quiet zone is being used as a lure: to draw victims and refugees into one concentrated that they can just surround the spot and hit them all at once? Human history is full of these kinds of trap strategies: Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, San Diego... Such a move, done successfully, would be both devastating and demoralizing. Sheridan realizes that this could be the Shadows' strategy: to instill terror in everyone, not just by hitting them with devastating firepower but also by destroying any hope they may have of refuge. It's a known strategy and one he could devise himself... Upon hearing that, Delenn stops him. This "thinking like the enemy," while not unheard of in humans, scares Delenn. She drags Sheridan away from the War Room before he starts thinking too much like a Shadow.

Back on Narn, G'Kar leads some Narns into the caverns under the Kha'Ri's old building.

Back on Babylon 5, someone rings the doorbell in the room where Vir is being held. The telepath answers the door...and is promptly knocked out with a punch. In walks Londo, who complains about how hard the telepath's head had been. Vir tells Londo that Refa knows of the plan.

On Narn, G'kar discovers Lord Refa and a number of Centauri guards waiting for him.

In the B5 Chapel, Reverend Dexter leads a sermon about "the enemy." It's not the alien, not the non-believer. The real enemies is fear, ignorance, and those who say to hate that which is different...because that hate can be turned against you.

Refa orders G'Kar taken alive and the other Narns killed. But the guards don't move. When Refa wonders why, G'kar activates a holographic message from Londo to Refa. In it, Londo reveals the whole ploy had been an elaborate ruse meant to lure Refa away from the safety of Centauri Prime. The guards are loyal to Londo and will no longer obey Refa. This was Londo's plan to end the well as extract revenge for the inconvenience and deaths Refa's actions have caused and a way to rein in the Centauri's reckless warfare. G'Kar is in on the plan as well, though for simpler reasons. Not only is this revenge for the mass bombardments and culls carried out under Refa's orders, but in exchange for his involvement, 2,000 imprisons Narns are to be released. After the message ends, the guards abandon Refa, and G'Kar reveals the final part of Londo's plan. He stuffs a data crystal in Refa's clothes. He then orders Refa's head left intact for identification but says the rest is fair game.

As the congregation in the B5 chapel joins in singing No Hiding Place Down Here, Refa tries to flee for his life, but even as the song describes, there is nowhere to hide. Narns soon catch Refa, drag him back, and start beating him mercilessly as G'Kar walks away.

Act VEdit

Some time later, Londo presents the data crystal to Minister Virini. It contains information that would've been of great value to the Narn Resistance. From appearances, it seemed Refa was trying to bribe the Narns into helping him: as the humans would say, "play both sides against the middle." Given the condition of his body, the answer was quite emphatically negative. Virini is a little surprised at this news, but Londo points out that Refa had always been ruthlessly ambitious: out for no one but himself. The plan might have been to undermine the Royal Court so his sycophants could work their way into positions of power: taking Refa up with them. Given his questioning of Refa's authority, even Virini was a potential target. Regardless, Refa's death and apparent treason put a rather firm close to the matter of the feud. He will return to Centauri Prime and report to Emperor Cartagia.

Outside, Vir is angrier than ever. It's quite clear Londo had been using him in more ways than one. Londo patiently explains that he knew Refa had brought a telepath with him and had been expecting them to take Vir hostage. His actions were meant to make sure they wouldn't suspect a trap, and it worked. Vir points out they could've killed him, and when Londo counters we wasn't important enough, Vir points out he was important enough for Londo to lie to him. Vir finally vents his anger and says he thought he knew Londo; not anymore.

The White Star is in hyperspace, traveling to parts unknown. Sheridan keeps pushing Delenn to say where they're going, but she says it's a surprise. But she does point out that, now that they know what the Shadows are planning, for the first time, they have the advantage. It's time to put all their forces into play. When they finally emerge back into normal space, Sheridan looks out and is awestruck. Delenn explains, "White Star was never intended to be one of a kind. It was only the first." Before them stands the First White Star Fleet: finally complete and ready for action. The Rangers will take command of the ships, under their joint command. For the first time in the war, they have, as humans would say, "a fighting chance." Sheridan is completely at a loss for words, so Delenn offers something that doesn't require words: a long, passionate kiss.

Z Minus 10 Days

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I'm tired, I haven't had a good night's sleep since Kosh died. I'm having the kind of nightmares that make your hair stand on end."
"Well, that would explain the Centauri ..."

Sheridan and Delenn


  • The Rabbi visiting Babylon 5 enthusiastically sings along with the Christian Gospel song. This is actually an error on JMS's part; he had recalled (incorrectly) that the biblical verse came from the Hebrew Bible (it actually is part of the New Testament). He pointed out that the Rabbi might have done this to be polite. (Actor Erick Avari is not Jewish and wouldn't have known either).

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 3 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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