Babylon 5 Advisory Council in 2259.

The Babylon 5 Advisory Council is made up of the five most powerful governments: the Minbari Federation, the Narn Regime, the Centauri Republic, the Earth Alliance, and the Vorlon Empire. A number of smaller governments are members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, which is also represented on the Council.

In 2258, Draal appointed the Advisory Council to look over the Great Machine on Epsilon III. [1]

As of late 2259, the Narn Regime became a protectorate of the Centauri Republic, and their Ambassador, G'Kar, was removed from the council. [2]

Governments and Races Represented on the Advisory CouncilEdit

Senior MembersEdit


Senior Members of the Babylon 5 Advisory Council in 2258 (Vorlon Empire not present).

League of Non-Aligned WorldsEdit

Ambassadors on the Advisory CouncilEdit


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