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The Babylon 5 Security Manual is a mock-technical manual written as though Michael Garibaldi has compiled the information together.


  • Part 1: General
    • Unit 1: Station Overview
      • 1.1 Introduction
      • 1.2 Station Layout
    • Unit 2: Communications
      • 2.1 Communications – Electronic
      • 2.2 Communications – Freight & Cargo
  • Part 2: Security
  • Part 3: Appendices
    • Appendix 1: Call Codes
    • Appendix 2: Training Schedule and Documents
    • Appendix 3: Case Notes
    • Appendix 4: Who's Who
    • Bibliography
    • Acknowledgments


  • Like 'Dining on Babylon 5' the book is intended to be an "in-universe" publication, however unlike the aforementioned publication, the 'B5 Security Manual' contains a number of "fluff" entries and in-jokes that should not be taken at face value.

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