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The Beta system was a system Londo Mollari once claimed that the Centauri Republic conquered in only nine days.[1]


  • In ("Midnight on the Firing Line") Londo Mollari claims that the Centauri Republic mistook Earth for 'Beta 9' following their first contact, before realising that it was actually 'Beta 12'. A statement that appears at odds with his claim regarding the conquest of the 'Beta System' in ("The Gathering") as well as the numerous human "Beta Colonies" mentioned throughout the show.
    • The confusion between the Centauri names and the various Earth colonies called 'Beta' was directly addressed and explained in J. Gregory Keyes's novel "Deadly Relations - Bester Ascendant" as being a combination of a trend in Greek designations in the Earth Alliance's early colonising period and a further attempt by the Centauri to convince humans they were a lost Centauri colony.


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