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Blockade of Proxima III

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The Blockade of Proxima III was an event in the Earth Alliance Civil War. It was ordered by Earth Alliance President Morgan Clark in order to punish the Proxima III colony for declaring independence. The Blockade was executed by EAS Heracles (commanded by Trevor Hall), EAS Pollux (commanded by Elizabeth Morgernstern), EAS Juno (commanded by James Mandala), EAS Furies (commanded by Stephanie Eckland), EAS Vesta (commanded by Edward MacDougan) and EAS Nemesis (commanded by Yoshi Kawagawa).


The Pollux firing on civilian refugee transports

During the blockade, Clark-loyal ships attacked the colony, resulting in thousands of deaths. The numerous survelliance satellites orbiting the planet, plus the blockading force's superior position in front of the local jumpgate made escape impossible, all the while cutting off all trade with the colony and creating an increasingly-horrible humanitarian crisis on the planet below. A number of commercial transports tried to leave the planet carrying thousands of refugees, including injured people, only to be destroyed under orders of Captain Trevor Hall, commanding officer of the EAS Heracles and leader of the task force. Meanwhile, heavy ground fighting took place between the local defenders and Marine "gropos" sent to quell the rebellion, leaving the colony in all-together dire straits.

The task force's actions were recorded and sent over to Babylon 5. After witnessing the events, John Sheridan decided to take a more proactive role in the resistance against Clark's dictatorial regime and engage his forces to prevent further war crimes and liberate Earth. [1]


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