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Boggs was a Nightwatch member stationed on Babylon 5.


Boggs was a former Earthforce Marine and veteran of the Earth-Minbari War. In 2259 he joined the Nightwatch division established under the Ministry of Peace. Following Babylon 5's secession from the Earth Alliance, Boggs was one of a handful who evaded the round-up of Nightwatch agents on Babylon 5 the following year after President Morgan Clark declared martial law. Shortly afterwards, he was ordered to target Delenn, knowing by removing her would strain the Minbari support to Babylon 5 and permit the Earth Alliance to seize the station by force. He and his fellow agents captured Delenn, a Minbari captain and his aide, taking them to a secure place in Grey 14. Boggs then contacted the command crew to demand the Minbari ships protecting Babylon 5 be sent away. The command staff managed to trick Boggs and his cronies into believing a reactor leak occurred near their hideout. They fled the chamber and were confronted by station security. Boggs was killed in the subsequent shootout.[1]


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