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The Brakiri cruiser is a vessel of unknown class used by Brakiri.


These ships belong to one of the wealthiest and most politically stable races in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. It is also one of the largest ships deployed by the League. The ships themselves however are inferior to those of the Earth Alliance, as is their weaponry.[2]

In keeping with the rest of Brakiri society, these ships are owned and operated by mega-corporations and thus must contribute to the Brakiri economy when not on military duty by serving as passanger liners, transports or colony ships.[3][4][5]

Several of these ships fought in the Shadow War, including the Battle of Sector 83 and the Battle of Coriana VI.[6] [7]

Behind the ScenesEdit

The ship was created by Foundation Imaging Co-Founder Ron Thornton and digital CGI artist Larry Bowman. [8]


References Edit

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