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Brenna Alexander was a telepath.[1]

Brenna is the daughter of Desa Alexander and Jack O'Hannlon. Her mother died when Brenna was only fifteen, shot dead by O'Hannlon, never knowing Brenna was his daughter.

Family TreeEdit

Unnamed Female--+--Unnamed Male
         Desa Alexander--+--Jack O'Hannlon
                         |          |_________
                         |                    |
                         |                 (adopted)
                         |                Kevin Vacit
                         |      (See: Alfred Bester's Family Tree.)
             Brenna Alexander--+--Unnamed Male
                     Michelle Alexander--+--Unnamed Male
                                  Natasha Alexander--+--Unnamed Male
                                                Lyta's Mother--+--Unnamed Male
                                                          Lyta Alexander


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