Charles Mitchell was an Earthforce captain during the Earth Alliance Civil War and commanding officer of the EAS Apollo.

He was among the officers loyal to the dictator Morgan Clark, and served as second-in-command to General Robert Lefcourt during the Battle of Mars in November 2261. Mitchell approached Lefcourt prior to the battle and asked whether or not the general had faith in him to be able handle command of a ship in a battle on this scale. Lefcourt assured Mitchell that he had the general's confidence and addressed him as "Charlie" suggesting a personal friendship. Lefcourt told Captain Mitchell that it was not a matter of his abilities but that the battle required a commander who understood Captain Sheridan and his methods which General Lefcourt did as he helped train him when he was a cadet. Lefcourt proceeded to compliment Mitchell, telling him that he would make a good general himself one day.[1]

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