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Data Crystals are information storage media used by just about every known race, in one form or another.  Though their design often vary, all data crystals share certain fundamental technologies.[1]

Though data crystals are available from a wide range of sources, the Minbari Federation is known to manufacture some of the most advanced data crystals as well as the most advanced encryption software. Minbari crystals themselves are encoded via "Clay-RNA" to prevent counterfeiting, but their encryption technology has been known to be pirated by those wanting the highest possible data security.[2][3]

A standard data crystal used by most Interstellar Alliance races is made of a clear colourless crystal, conically shaped, with a hexagonal cross-section 3.2cm in length, and 1.2cm around the base's circumference, tapering off to a shaped tip. As standard, a crystal can hold up to 50Gb, depending on the scanning medium.[3]


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