"It's a calm, pleasant environment. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get upset here."

David Corwin interview with Cynthia Torqueman (within earshot of Ivanova).

David Corwin was an Earthforce officer who spent years working as a technician in Babylon 5's C'n'C.Eventually becoming B5's Executive Officer under Captain Elizabeth Lochley, he also worked as the liaison between the Earth Alliance and the ISA personnel on the station.[1][2][3][4]


David Corwin was essentially a quiet shy person who hated being the center of attention, a state Dr. Franklin would characterize as "a classic example of being caught between fight and flight."


A career military officer, Corwin spent several years working his way up the junior ranks. Working as a technician in B5's C'n'C, he was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant on Monday March 11th, 2260, effective at 0630hrs. To celebrate, he invited a number of friends and co-workers out for a drink at Earhart's the night before. Following the party, Captain Sheridan began to consider him a possible hindrance or potential ally for the then still secret Army of Light. Volunteering to find out where he stood, Commander Susan Ivanova invited him to a private meeting in her quarters. Shocked, Corwin was unsure if the invitation was a date and not wanting to offend Ivanova, turned up with some (very expensive) synthetic roses in hand. Quickly realizing he'd gotten the wrong end of the stick, he claimed to have found them lying outside her quarters. Over some of her real coffee, the two made small talk until Susan broached the subject of bending the rules, while still being loyal to Earth. Asking him if he'd report anyone he saw disobeying orders, Corwin said that he would, further stating that it's not up to him to decide which orders to follow and which to ignore, and that the chain of command must be respected. Later, she informed Sheridan that Corwin wasn't with them and clearly shared his disappointment.[5]

However, a few months later their worrying was shown to be for naught, when Corwin supported Babylon 5's break with the Earth Alliance in the wake of President Clark's bombing of civilian targets on Mars. Corwin remained at his post in C'n'C following Sheridan's declaration of the station's independence from Earth, while at least one of his colleagues walked out. He then stayed to help operate the defense grid's tracking and weapons during the subsequent battle.[6]

Throughout the Shadow War and Earth Alliance Civil War, Corwin's responsibilities increased as he became the station's de-facto second officer, replacing Major Atumbe.[7] Following Sheridan's retirement from Earthforce and Ivanova's promotion and subsequent departure in late 2261, Corwin assumed the post of Executive Officer under the command of Captain Elizabeth Lochley. When the new commanding officer arrived, there was friction between the two. But, this passed quickly and the two formed a good working relationship and Corwin proved to be an able and dedicated Executive Officer. He stood by the Captain during many of the crisis she had to deal with during her tenure as commanding officer. For example, during the Soul Hunter crisis; he took command of the station while the Captain was injured. As Babylon 5 was now independent of the Earth Alliance's jurisdiction, functioning as the provisional headquarters and capital of the new Interstellar Alliance, he became a crucial link between Earthforce personnel and the new ISA presence on the station. It is not known how long he remained on the Station or what other postings he may have had during his career.



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