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Denise Gentile is an actress who appeared as Lise Hampton.


  1. Guest Starring, A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II (3 August 1994) - Lise Hampton
  2. Guest Starring, Babylon Squared (10 August 1994) - Lise Hampton
  3. Guest Starring, Conflicts of Interest (5 May 1997) - Lise Hampton
  4. Guest Starring, The Exercise of Vital Powers (2 June 1997) - Lise Hampton
  5. Guest Starring, The Face of the Enemy (9 June 1997) - Lise Hampton
  6. Guest Starring, Rising Star (20 October 1997) - Lise Hampton Edgars
  7. Guest Starring, Darkness Ascending (3 June 1998) - Lise Hampton-Edgars
  8. Guest Starring, Wheel of Fire (4 November 1998) - Lise Hampton-Edgars
  9. Guest Starring, Objects in Motion (11 November 1998) - Lise Hampton-Edgars

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