Lyta Alexander returns to the station, convinced there is a traitor on board, Ivanova makes a startling revelation.



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  • Regular Characters appearing in this episode are John Sheridan, Susan Ivanova, Michael Garibaldi, Delenn, Stephen Franklin and Talia Winters.
  • Last onscreen appearance of Talia Winters, played by Andrea Thompson, though she would still continue to be credited in the opening titles.
  • This episode also marks the first return of Lyta Alexander, played by Patricia Tallman, since "The Gathering": she will continue to appear as a recurring character in the third season before becoming a regular for the remainder of the show.



Captain Sheridan runs into Delenn at the Universe Today kiosk. She mentions that she subscribes to the "Eye On Minbari" because not only would it benefit her to know how Minbari is perceived by humans but she occasionally gets some information faster than be told "what she needs to know, and not more". Meanwhile on Mars, a seriously injured man, Lee, stumbles through the sewers and runs into another man, Derek. Derek offers to take Lee to a hospital, but turns it down. With his last breath, Lee passes a data crystal to Derek, asking him to take it to Babylon 5 and warn them to tell them it's not safe.

Act IEdit

Ivanova is having a jovial meal with Talia Winters when she gets a notification that a ship has just come in through the jumpgate, but isn't moving. Before they adjourn, Winters tells Ivanova that her suite has problems, and accepts Ivanova's offer to stay at her place for the night. The arriving ship has failed to respond to hailing calls, and is subsequently towed to a hangar. Garibaldi and Franklin find a single unconscious survivor. They recognise her as Lyta Alexander (the station's first commercial telepath), and Garibaldi briefs Sheridan on her history with Kosh. Lyta recovers in sickbay, but as soon as she puts her feet down, she aggressively demands to see Captain Sheridan, claiming that she knows that one of them is a traitor.

Act IIEdit

The command staff hear a calmed Lyta in a meeting. She reveals that she had joined the revolutionary meeting on Mars but one of her best intelligence agent had been murdered because he uncovered a secret Psi Corps 'sleeper' programme - a latent, unconscious personality which transmitted information after being planted in government positions. The latent personality could only be activated telepathically and takes over permanently. Lyta claims that she has received the telepathic password and proposes to telepathically send the activation password to all command staff. Sheridan tells her that he will consider it. Later, Sheridan confides privately with Delenn in hydroponics, complaining that there's never a dull moment. He notices that she places her hand over his to comfort him, and that it lingers there lovingly, but he is quickly called away to his duties. Garibaldi reports that Lyta's story checks out and believes that she is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Winters has made herself at home in Ivanova's quarters and Ivanova asks her if she knows Lyta. She says that they met in school but it was a long time ago. Later, Winters awakes and reaches over to the other side of the bed but finds that Ivanova is no longer there. At the same time, Garibaldi orders Zack to transfer Lyta from the interrogation chamber to a cell, but, as Lyta walks to her new cell, suddenly the lights in the corridor cut out. The unseen attacker kills both her guards, but Lyta manages to take advantage of the dark to make her escape unharmed.

Act IIIEdit

Sheridan berates Ivanova and Garibaldi and wants the missing Lyta found. He is seriously considering to accept Lyta's proposal, but Ivanova vehemently objects. Lyta sends an anonymous call to Delenn asking to meet up in an hour. Ivanova confides in Talia. Delenn, after meeting Lyta, confronts Sheridan with the message from Lyta that she will only meet with all of them present. Sheridan accepts the offer to meet wherever she wants. Back in Sheridan's quarters he is surprised to find a worried Ivanova waiting for him. She reveals to him that she has been vehement against letting a telepath into her mind because she is a latent telepath.

Act IVEdit

Sheridan assures Ivanova that he is on her side, but is pulled into an old memory of Ivanova with a raven sitting on her shoulder, asking him if he knew who she was. They are interrupted by an urgent meeting request from Delenn. She brings Lyta to the command staff meeting. Sheridan offers to go first, and is clean. Franklin and Garibaldi also prove clean, but Sheridan asks Lyta to hold off on Ivanova. They then call in the rest of the second-rated officers officers one by one on pretenses, but with no luck. As patience runs thin, the senior staff clash over Ivanova's insistence but she eventually relents. Lyta notices that Ivanova is blocking her, but eventually the password is transmitted with no reaction. Talia Winters walks in casually, without noticing what was going on in the room, so Lyta takes the opportunity to send the password to her. There is a violent reaction, and Winters attempts to shoot Lyta but is foiled by Garibaldi. She struggles and spits vehemently that the Psi Corps will hunt Lyta down and kill her for unmasking her, as she is dragged away by Garibaldi.

Act VEdit

Sheridan, Garibaldi and Franklin discuss the day's events and what to do with Psi Corp's sleeper programme. Garibaldi is reminded of her strange interactions with Kosh. Ivanova confronts Winters in house arrest, hoping to see what is left of her recently consummated relationship/friendship but only a sinister personality remains. Lyta visits Kosh in his atmospheric quarters, she informs Kosh that she had never told anyone of their encounter, and kept her memories of him hidden away in a locked corner of her mind. She asks Kosh if she can see their true form at least once before she leaves Babylon 5, which Kosh immediately grants without a word. (Kosh' true form is however still only seen/hinted at to us the audience, via a glowing fiery light reflected in Lyta's amazed visage and a bright circular reflection in a close-up of her eyeball.)

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "I guess this wouldn't be a good time for me to suggest we all join hands and sing Kumbaya?" - Michael Garibaldi, attempting to defuse the tension
  • "Why is it that every time you finally get things calmed down and everything's going great life decides to kick you in the butt?" - John Sheridan to Delenn
  • "After our last encounter with your reporters, I felt that I should be more prepared in the future. I find this notion of the press a fascinating but sometimes troubling concept." - Delenn to Sheridan

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 2 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.

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