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Drake was an Earthforce Captain and a Clark-loyalist.

While in command of the EAS Nimrod, Drake took part late in the Battle for B5 Independence, leading the second wave of destroyers after the first wave had been destroyed. He ordered Babylon 5 to surrender and prepare to be boarded by order of President Clark. A few moments later, however, White Star 1 along with three Sharlin class warcruisers jumped in. Ambassador Delenn informed Drake that Babylon 5 was under the protection of the Minbari and ordered him to leave. Drake initially issued a halfhearted refusal (possibly hoping that the Minbari were bluffing), but when Delenn threatened to destroy his ships, he quickly ordered his forces to retreat. [1]


  • Although Captain Drake didn't identify his command, the Nimrod did appear to be the lead ship.


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