" alliance of defence has now grown into the dream...of conquest. They believe...that as long as they are protected by the Shadows, they cannot be defeated. And so they go to war with one another."


Drakhen was a Minbari Anla'shok. He spent six months from October 2259 to April 2260 gathering information among the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. He discovered that many of them had made alliances with the Shadows out of fear of conquest by the Centauri and had been encouraged to go to war with one another. After reporting to the Grey Council his findings, they replied that "the problems of others, are not our concern". Drakhen was on his way to Babylon 5 to report directly to Entil'zha Delenn when his ship was attacked, seriously injuring him. With the help of Citizen G'Kar, Delenn and Lennier were able to slip him quietly past the Narn security personnel to Medlab without drawing attention. [1]


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