Durkani was a member of an unknown race in the Eridani Sector attempting to uncover a conspiracy within his government about aliens.

Originally a member of a government agent, Durkani had become aware of a conspiracy to hide alien interference on their world. He promptly left the agency a set out on his own to gather evidence and expose this "conspiracy." He spent many years on his personal crusade. A few years before encountering the Excalibur, he met a young woman named Lyssa who, after much convincing, joined him in his search for the aliens. They broke into a room apparently containing evidence two people walked in; they fought and killed them and discovered something even more strangely. This convinced both of them that their only means of finding out what it meant was to get closer to the problem. He steals a ship and pilots it out of the system to find the "Aliens." He did.

Taken in by the Excalibur, he takes a hostage wanting to take him back as proof but he is prevented from doing so by Captain Gideon and John Matheson. While in prison his companion Lyssa apologizes to him for not believing him before. Gideon offers to hear his story that humans have been interfering with their world. Durkani, hearing his words, believes that the captain really doesn't know about any interference. Bringing with him pictures and objects, he explains how and why his government has been covering up alien interference. Durkani was surprised when Gideon recognized the objects and the familiarity of the story, but was completely unaware of any involvement with their world.

Then Kendarr arrived wanting them both handed over for execution. When Gideon brought him to them, Durkani believed that he had been stole out by Gideon and immediately took Kendarr hostage and threatened to kill him. After Gideon regained control, Durkani and Lyssa were allowed to leave with Durkani threatening expose the truth. His fate after Gideon exposed their government’s lies is unknown.[1]


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