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Earthforce Bio-weapons Division was a specialized division of Earthforce concerned with the research and development of biological weapons systems. Earthforce Bio-weapons has been known to have close ties with Interplanetary Expeditions and Earthforce New Technologies Division.[1][2]


During the Earth-Minbari War, the division was known as the Bio-Genetic Warfare Division. As the war continued to go badly for Earthforce, the division attempted to create a bioweapon to wipe out the Minbari race. Its plans were slowed considerably when Doctor Stephen Franklin, who had acquired unique medical knowledge about the Minbari through a chance encounter years earlier, refused to particpate in an act of genocide and burned his notes in defiance.[3]

In 2249, General Thompson supervised a black project codenamed Tarsier for the Bio-weapons Division, in which highly illegal cyberorganic experiments were performed on living human volunteers, including Robert Black, a former Earthforce Marine and a survivor of the Battle of the Line.[4]

In 2258, following an incident on Babylon 5 with an Ikarran War Machine, Earthforce Bio-weapons ordered B5 security to transfer the remaining organic technology back to Earth Central to be studied for "planetary security reasons."[1]

When the Drakh plague was released on Earth in 2267, it was the Bio-weapons Division that determined the plague had been engineered by the Shadows.[5]


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