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Epsilon III 1
Epsilon III
Dominant Race: Guardian (until 2258)
Minbari (from 2258)
Capital City: Great Machine
Population: Unknown
Habitability: Gravity: 0.75 Standard Gravities
Atmosphere: 90% CO2,
10% trace elements.
Orbital Period: 1.2 Standard Years[1]
Axial Tilt: 4 degrees[1]
Star: Epsilon Eridani
Star System: Epsilon System
Sector: Euphrates Sector

Epsilon III is the third planet of the Epsilon Eridani system, in Euphrates Sector, Grid Epsilon.

Babylon 5 was built in orbit over Epsilon III in 2256. Until 2258, the planet was thought to be stable and uninhabited. Then, Varn the guardian of the Great Machine began to die which destabilised the machine and threatened to destroy the planet and endanger B5.[2]

Draal, a Minbari, eventually took Varn's place and forbade access to the planet until the appropriate time.[3]


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