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The Fen were a barely sentient race of large jellyfish-like creatures that inhabit certain areas of hyperspace.[1]

Rarely encountered near the well travelled tachyon beacon routes, they are known to the techno-mages and are considered to be relatively harmless. Though there is no known instance of a Fen ever consuming a Starship, they are attracted to shiny objects.

In 2267 the Excalibur encountered a bloom of Fen while en route to the Well of Forever. One of the Fen took hold of the Excalibur's dorsal hull fin and attempted to mate with the ship. A short burst from the ship's engines soon drove it off without any apparent harm.

Behind The ScenesEdit

The Fen were created by Fiona Avery who took her inspiration from a Universe Today headline briefly seen in ("And the Sky Full of Stars") and later mentioned in ("A Distant Star") entitled "Is There Something Living In Hyperspace?"


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