Findell was a Minbari Ranger trainee.[1]


Before joining the Anla'shok, Findell lost two family members (also Rangers) to the Shadow War.

After joining, Findell started his training aboard a White Star commanded by Ranger captain Enrique Montoya. He apparently had trouble understanding the Human ways. When Lennier arrived, he communicated his frustrations to him and offered to help but he wasn't interested. On their first training exercise, Findell and Lennier were sent out in two Minbari fighters on the pretense that they were to investigate something. After leaving, they noticed that their air was low then the White Star jumped into Hyperspace leaving them stranded. To conserve air, Lennier suggested that they enter a meditative state. Findell did not react well to this and he soon started to panic, then he broke away trying find air. Later, it was revealed that this was test to evaluate their response to such circumstances.

Then came their second training exercise in which they were to search out several small target modules in a sort of Easter egg hunt. Findell, realizing that there would be some competition involved and sensing that the captain believes he will fail, he becomes bitter and resentful. Just before they left, Lennier asks him why he joined the Rangers and he tells him that he felt he had to carry on the work of his family legacy. Lennier explains to him his flawed purpose for doing so but he brushes it to the side. He, Lennier and the rest of the Ranger trainees then set out on the hunt. During the hunt, Findell, realizing that his purpose is flawed and not wanting to return home in shame, tries to commit suicide by crashing his fighter into an asteroid. Lennier stops him by shooting his ship and ramming it out of harms way. To keep the captain from discovering what he was trying to do to himself, Lennier takes the blame for damaging his fighter for another reason. Lennier is slightly penalised but Findell is given a new assignment. He will work as a recruitment officer in Tuzanor helping debrief new recruits, determining whether they truly what to join the Rangers. Insinuating that the captain not only knew his purpose wasn't clear in life, but also that he knew what happened during the Easter egg hunt.


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