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The First Centauri occupation of Narn began in the early twenty-second century when the Centauri and Narn made first contact with one another.

Compared to the Centauri, the Narn were a more primitive spacefaring race, with colonies out to at least Ragesh 3.[1] and Hylak VII[2]. The Centauri fully conquered the Narn In 2109.[3]

In a short time the Centauri began to enslave the entire world and exploited the entire planet of its natural resources. Entire forests were completely cut down [4] and the ground was strip-mined for minerals and metals.[5]

The Narn soon began to form a resistance movement against their Centauri oppressors, and a long guerilla war broke out. After a one hundred Narn year[6] war of attrition, they regained their independence in 2231.[7]

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