Frank Benson was an Earthforce security officer on Babylon 5.

By 2258, Benson had only been with security for six months. During his short time, he made a number of unwise decisions. He participated in illegal gambling operations losing heavily and piling up debts. When this was discovered, he was summoned by Commander Sinclair and Garibaldi who confronted him about it. When he refused to tell them anything, confirming their suspicions, they took him off active duty pending an investigation. Desperate and with his back to the wall, he made contact with two mysterious people who needed an energy pod. He agreed to help them in exchange for payment. He got, or rather stole, the pod for them. Satisfied, they promised that the credits would be deposited into his account within the hour, but refused to help him get off the station. Then the commander mysteriously disappeared and security quickly scrambled to find him, pulling in every available man including Benson. But Garibaldi reminded his second of Benson’s suspension as security risk. Suspicious of what was going on with him, Garibaldi checked his credits account and found a rather large deposit, far beyond the capacity of a man of his pay grade. Realizing that they suspect him, he went back to his two friends to ask for their help. He didn’t get it. Refusing to back off, he pushed his way in and heard the sounds of someone being tortured. When he saw that it was the commander, one of the men shot and killed him. His body was disposed of outside the station. When it was found, Garibaldi identified the remains as Benson’s.[1]


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