Garibaldi investigates a missing person in the mysterious Grey Sector. Delenn becomes the leader of the Rangers.


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"I like mysteries, but I hate Grey Sector. I swear, it's like the Centauri Triangle in there. There's always some damn thing going wrong."

Michael Garibaldi to Zack Allan

"I'm in awe, Lennier--the way you can take a straightforward, logical proposition and turn it inside out so that in the end it says what you want it to say instead of what it actually means. Did this come naturally, or did you attend some special martial arts class for the philosophically inclined?"

Marcus Cole speaking to Lennier

"My name is Jeremiah. Welcome to the end of the world."

Jeremiah to Garibaldi

"I hate Grey Sector."

Michael Garibaldi

Behind the ScenesEdit

J. Michael Straczynski has admitted that this episode did not work. He is especially critical of the Zarg, both in terms of appearance and in how it was handled. He has expressed a desire to apologize to fans for the episode.[1]

In the weeks leading up to this episode, JMS played a prank on Jason Carter by asking Bill Mumy and several other cast members to imply that Marcus was going to die in the season.  Carter becoming increasingly panicked and concerned, especially as he read the scene about Marcus's fight with Neroon.  In the final scene, as Marcus wakes up in medlab, JMS wrote into the script, "You can relax now, Jason." 

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Episode guide page for Grey 17 is Missing at the Lurker's Guide


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