Garibaldi investigates a missing person in the mysterious Grey Sector. Delenn becomes the leader of the Rangers.


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Zack Allan runs a recruiting drive for Telepaths to help in the war against the Shadows. John Sheridan and Susan Ivanova discuss the possibility of getting Stephen Franklin's help in contacting the underground railroad he assisted to get Telepaths away from Psi Corps. With Franklin still on walkabout, finding him will be tough.

A maintenance tech looking for a power short in Grey 16 is attacked by an unknown entity.

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On Minbar, Delenn and Lennier make arrangements for Jeffrey Sinclair's effects back to his family. While there, the issue of Ranger One's replacement is brought up. Delenn is offered the position but she is reluctant to take it.

In Security, Allan and Michael Garibaldi discuss the missing maintenance tech. Garibaldi elects to take the case himself and heads to Grey Sector.

Ivanova goes looking for Franklin in Downbelow and finds him suffering from stim withdrawal. She asks him about the underground railroad and he offers to give her a back up of the information on the condition that no one comes looking for him so he can work out his issues.

Act IIEdit

Garibaldi investigates the site of the tech's disappearance. During the conversation, Garibaldi learns that Grey Sector has only 29 levels, unlike the standard 30.

Sheridan believes Delenn taking over the Rangers is a great idea. Ivanova contacts him with the information regarding the underground railroad. Delenn is confronted by Neroon over taking over the Rangers and the rise of the Religious Caste over the Warrior Caste. Neroon wants control of the Rangers under the Warrior Caste and means to take command himself. Lennier cannot believe that Neroon would challenge her for control of the Rangers, and believes that he would even go as far as to kill her. Delenn forbids him from telling Sheridan.

Garibaldi begins investigating the mystery of the 29 levels of Grey Sector, counting the time it takes the lift to reach each level. It takes three seconds to get between floors, but six seconds to get between Grey 16 and Grey 17. Garibaldi finds a forgotten level of the station and is incapacitated.

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Lennier visits Marcus Cole and informs him of Neroon's intentions against Delenn. If Cole interferes, then it would avoid any scandal involving Minbari attacking other Minbari. He only needs to stop him from interrupting the ceremony appointing Delenn as Ranger One.

Garibaldi wakes up stripped of his weapon and link, and finds people living on the forgotten level.

Rangers begin arriving on the station. During some alone time, Sheridan and Delenn talk about her family and childhood.

As Neroon heads for the ceremony, he is waylaid by Cole who challenges him to a duel to the death.

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Neroon and Cole fight furiously while the ceremony to invest Delenn as Ranger One takes place. Garibaldi tries to escape the forgotten level, but it is sealed off from the rest of the station. Garibaldi feigns suffering cramps from the tranquilizer and takes the leader of the people living on the level, Jeremiah, hostage.

Cole is no match for Neroon, but he wants to know why he fought knowing he could not win. Cole makes it clear that they believe in Delenn and they are willing to fight and die for her. Garibaldi and Jeremiah head through the level and find the bloodied remains of the maintenance tech's clothes. Garibaldi learns that there is a Zarg on the level.

At the ceremony, Neroon confronts Delenn. He does not challenge her claim to be the role of Ranger One, but tells her that there is now blood between them. Garibaldi uses a steam vent to ward off the Zarg. Lennier goes in search of Cole and finds him beaten but alive. Garibaldi makes a makeshift slugthrower weapon and kills the Zarg.

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Cole recovers in Medlab. Neroon visits Cole and comments that in what should have been his last moments, he was more Minbari than he was. Cole asks him that next time he needs a revelation to make sure it is not so uncomfortable, causing Neroon to laugh. Garibaldi and Sheridan meet – Sheridan asks him where he was during the ceremony. Garibaldi begins to explain what happened on the forgotten level, much to Sheridan's confusion.

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"I like mysteries, but I hate Grey Sector. I swear, it's like the Centauri Triangle in there. There's always some damn thing going wrong."

Michael Garibaldi to Zack Allan

"I'm in awe, Lennier--the way you can take a straightforward, logical proposition and turn it inside out so that in the end it says what you want it to say instead of what it actually means. Did this come naturally, or did you attend some special martial arts class for the philosophically inclined?"

Marcus Cole speaking to Lennier

"My name is Jeremiah. Welcome to the end of the world."

Jeremiah to Garibaldi

"I hate Grey Sector."

Michael Garibaldi

Behind the ScenesEdit

J. Michael Straczynski has admitted that this episode did not work. He is especially critical of the Zarg, both in terms of appearance and in how it was handled. He has expressed a desire to apologize to fans for the episode.[1]

In the weeks leading up to this episode, JMS played a prank on Jason Carter by asking Bill Mumy and several other cast members to imply that Marcus was going to die in the season.  Carter becoming increasingly panicked and concerned, especially as he read the scene about Marcus's fight with Neroon.  In the final scene, as Marcus wakes up in medlab, JMS wrote into the script, "You can relax now, Jason." 

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