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Base of Operations: Earth
Race(s): Humans
Leader(s): Malcolm Biggs
Other Members: Cutter
Roberts (potential recruit)
Resources: Black-light camouflage
Affiliations: Earthforce (unofficial)

"Let's purify the universe"

Homeguard slogan

Homeguard was a paramilitary xenophobic Human group that opposes any involvement with alien races. The group had been growing in popularity on Earth by 2258. In that year, members of this group attacked Minbari poet Shaal Mayan[1] and framed Garibaldi while they plotted to kill the President.[2]

With the rise of the Clark Administration, Homeguard was effectively absorbed by Nightwatch, Clark's own xenphobic paramilitary group organized by Mini-Pax. Note, however, that Clark's agent referred to Homeguard as "a bunch of misfits." In all likelihood this is because Homeguard was more of a "grassroots" organization as opposed to the more clandestine works done by Nightwatch and Clark's other agents.


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