"May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk."

Old Egyptian Blessing

Jack Maynard was the commanding officer of the Explorer class ship, EAS Cortez.[1]


Jack Maynard was an officer in Earthforce and a close friend of John Sheridan. Sheridan calls him "Stinky" while Maynard calls him "Swamp Rat."

Maynard was Sheridan's first commanding officer, on the Moon-Mars Patrol, several years before the Earth-Minbari War. Maynard served in the War, though in what capacity is unclear. He shared an old Egyptian blessing with Sheridan that he would often repeat in subsequent years.

He was assigned to the EAS Cortez, an Explorer class ship, sometime around 2254. He and his ship spent most of the next five years along the Rim mapping unexplored space. The last two years alone were spent mapping Sector 900. In 2259, they were called into the Euphrates Sector to assist in repairing a Jump Gate. Needing to resupply his ship anyway, Maynard decided to head to Babylon 5 when he learned his old friend Sheridan was now in command of the station. Maynard was glad to see Sheridan again, but was curious as to whether Sheridan truly enjoyed his new assignment, feeling he'd been beached. In addition to catching up, Maynard also mentioned once seeing a glimpse of a strange alien ship.

After resupplying, the Cortez jumped back into hyperspace, but a catastrophic malfunction sends the ship adrift. Luckily, they were able to send a distress signal to Babylon 5, and a Starfury wing manages to bring the ship back to Babylon 5, marking the first time an Earth ship lost in hyperspace was recovered.


  • Jack Maynard's sole appearance was in "A Distant Star"
  • It remains unrevealed which side he took during the Earth Alliance Civil War, though it is possible that given the nature of his deep space assignment his ship was completely out of contact for the conflict.
  • The script for "A Distant Star" notes that Maynard is sixty years old.


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