Jeremiah was the leader of a cult group hiding in Grey 17.

Jeremiah came to the station with his followers around the time it was completed. When Garibaldi discovered them, he was presented to him and told who they were and why they were there. On their way down a corridor with two of his followers, Jeremiah continues to explain their purpose to Garibaldi. Needing to find a way out, Garibaldi fakes sickness bluffing away one of the guards and knocking the other out. Grabbing Jeremiah by the throat, he demands to be shown the way out. Hearing a strange sound, he tells Garibaldi about the Zarg and their means of dying through it. Using a pipe and a couple bullets from his Slugthrower, he improvises a kind of zip gun and kills the Zarg before it kills them. Presumably, Jeremiah and his followers are rounded up and arrested.


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