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For the cinematographer, see John C. Flinn III.

John C. Flinn III was a rogue human telepath, or "blip", who was captured by Psi Corps but later turned over to the Shadows to be used as a weapon.

Flinn was captured by the Shadows and given cyberweb implants to make him compatible to serve as the central operating system of a Shadow vessel. He was placed into suspension in a sleeper tube and loaded onto the same vessel that carried around 100 other telepaths - including Carolyn Sanderson - through hyperspace to rendezvous with the Shadows' allies.[1] He was rescued along with the others when the White Star engaged and captured the vessel.

He was placed into the freezer bank in Medlab beside Carolyn Sanderson.[2] His final fate is unknown, as several telepaths were used during the Battle of Proxima III to shut down the Earth vessels[3] while others were recovered later.[4]



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