K0643 was an unnamed and uninhabited world out on the rim, near the fringe of Centauri space. The planet had a shadowy reputation for strange occurrences and many stories that claimed it was haunted, a place of darkness, of lost souls, a world tainted by evil.[1] In actuality it was a gateway to the hidden Shadow base Xha'dam.[2]


In 2262, the Drakh Shiv'kala used a Dreamweaver to implant a suggestion in the mind of the Centauri Minister Durla to send an expedition to K0643 to begin an archaeological excavation.[3]

By 2264, the project was well under-way though things started to turn ominous when workers began disappearing. The first one barely registered as he was killed by something he disturbed, buried deep underground and out of sight of the main camp. The assumption of his superiors was that he had simply gotten bored or dissatisfied and abandoned his post.[4] However, as the months passed others also began disappearing without a trace and the idea that they had all simply ran away was becoming less and less credible, particularly following the disappearance of a worker named Nol.

Just before he was last seen, Nol had been saying that the job at the dig was the best thing that had happened to him, as it got him away from his wife, his children and his life on Centauri Prime, all of which he despised. A mass desertion was attempted, but quickly put down by agents of the Ministry of Internal Security. From that point on however, the workers made it a point to keep close to the town that had sprung up and to always stay in groups of at least three.[5]


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