"The Grey Council has betrayed us. What does a little blood matter now?"


Kalain is a Minbari and the commander of the Trigati who took control after Sineval committed suicide rather than surrender after the Battle of the Line.


Alyt Kalain, a member of the Minbar Warrior Caste, was second-in-command of the Trigati, a Sharlin class warcruiser during the Earth-Minbari War. The Trigati was a member of the massive Minbari fleet at the Battle of the Line. Even as they prepared to snatch total victory, the ship commanders were told to stop firing--the Minbari were surrendering to the Earth Alliance. The Trigati's commander, Sineval, committed suicide rather than accept the surrender order. To honor him, Kalain and his crew likewise refused the surrender. They chose instead to abandon the fleet and the Minbari Federation, becoming fugitives.

The Trigati remained on the run for over ten years. Finally, at the beginning of 2259, they learned that Captain John Sheridan, the hated "Starkiller" from the War, was being put in command of Babylon 5. He went ahead to the station where he was first recognized by Hedronn, a member of the Grey Council who had come to warn the station about the Trigati. Kalain confronted Hedronn, claiming the Council betrayed the Minbari people, but did not injure him. Kalain then headed to Green Sector, knocking out a security guard and stealing his PPG. He then broke into Ambassador Delenn's quarters, though she was still inside a chrysalis at this time. Kalain then turned his attention to her aide, Lennier, who stood ready to defend Delenn. Kalain secretly had no intention of harming either of them, however, but merely wanted station security to arrest him, which they did soon enough. He offered no explanation while being interrogated, as he was merely playing his part in a ruse.

Not long after, the Trigati jumped into Babylon 5's space, demanding the return of their commander. Kalain, alone in his cell, committed suicide using a false tooth filled with poison. Kalain had hoped that the station would attack and destroy the Trigati, letting them keep honor and perhaps restart the war. However, his plan would ultimately fail, and the Trigati would destroy itself. [1]



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