Kalika Qwal'Mizra was an Abbai and an ambassador for the Abbai Matriarchate before the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and later the Interstellar Alliance.[1]


She was the main spokesperson for the League during the Deathwalker extradition hearing of 2258. Upon hearing from G'Kar that station security was holding Deathwalker, Kalika and a group of League representatives intercepted the escort led by Sinclair on their way to get her safely off the station. When she heard that he was going send her to Earth without their knowledge, she demanded a full assembly of the Babylon 5 Advisory Council stating that they would rather all die then allow her to escape justice. Speaking for the entire League she demanded that Deathwalker be turned over to them for trail, but when they could not agree to give her to the League she and the others withdrew from the council, saying that they had not heard the last of this. She then called on the military forces of the League and demanded that Earth turn her over or face the consequences. She and the rest of League backed down when Sinclair brokered a compromise. [2]


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