"Command-- Commander Sinclair. There's... There's something in my head. It says... maybe you're still inside. Maybe we're both still inside."

Knight Two to Sinclair just before he's taken away

Knight Two (real name unknown) worked for a covert Earth organization.


In 2258 he, along with Knight One, kidnapped Jeffrey Sinclair to find out exactly what occurred in the time that Sinclair blacked out during the Battle of the Line.[1]

Knight Two entered a virtual reality with Sinclair to find out exactly what occurred. Knight Two accused Sinclair of being a traitor--believing that the Minbari realized they could not win at the Line, so instead they decided to invade Earth through covert means, using agents such as Sinclair who betrayed Earth to save their own lives. Sinclair rebuked Knight Two's claims, but during the interrogation he remembered the words of the Minbari Assassin. Knight Two's device helped Sinclair break through the memory blocks and he remembered at last that he had been taken aboard a Minbari vessel.

Before Knight Two can process this information, however, his brain was scrambled by Sinclair when he attempted to escape. He was then taken back to Earth with no knowledge of who he was or why he was there.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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