Kuehler was a technician working for Interplanetary Expeditions.[1]

In 2261, Kuehler, a longtime IPX man, was first technician and a shift leader of an IPX team lead by Dr. Elizabeth Trent that circumvented Earthgov's embargo of Babylon 5 to study the Thirdspace artifact. While operating Forklift One, Kuehler supervised the construction of a light grid and scanner array to aid in the study of the device and was the first to notice Lyta Alexander's attempt to ram the artefact with a group of MaintBots. Later, under the instructions of Dr. Kirkish he supervised the work crew that installed a modified energy cell to jump start the device, though at the time he wasn't aware that the operation was being carried out without C'n'C's authorization. Kuehler was killed shortly after when the artefact powered up and sent out a powerful shock-wave.[2]


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