The League Wars of 2260 were a series of relatively-minor conflicts between the members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds during 2260, prior to the establishment of the alliance under the Babylon Treaty. What draws them together is the fact that they were all instigated by the Shadows, who promised power and protection to the various combatants.

Eventually, these various conflicts came to an end when the Shadows were exposed as the masterminds. The League joined forces with the Army of Light to counter the threat they posed on the galaxy. Their intent was to make sure that the other worlds were weakened to the point they could not resist the Shadows.

In 2262, remnants of these conflicts were felt as the League worlds came under attack during the Centauri Wars of Aggression. The Centauri seeded fake evidence in the attacks to prevent them from being seen as the perpetrators of the conflict, and the League worlds temporarily started blaming each other once again.

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