Leo Frank was the commander of the EAS Cadmus. While attending the Earthforce Academy, he was instructed by Edward MacDougan.

In 2261, the Cadmus engaged Captain John Sheridan's forces alongside the EAS Hydra and the EAS Delphi. Having being briefed on Sheridan's campaign, Captain Frank believed the propaganda that said that all of the Earthforce ships that had previously surrendered had had their crews executed and replaced with Minbari, including his old instructor Edward MacDougan.

Because of this, Frank and the other Earthforce Captains continued to fight despite being outnumbered, out gunned and with their jump engines down. That is until Captain MacDougan told him to stand down, as he'd been lied to and that every member of his crew is still on board the Vesta.[1]


The name Leo Frank was inspired by the Jewish man of the same name. Living in Georgia in the early 20th century, he owned the factory where a Christian teenager, Mary Phagan, was murdered. Accused of the crime, the trial featured little evidence and instead focused primarily on his wealth, religion, and Yankee origins. He was convicted and sentenced to death. But when the governor condemned the trial as a miscarriage of justice and commuted his sentence, a group was formed that overran the prison, and then seized and lynched Leo Frank. Called "The Knights of Mary Phagan," the group later initiated a rival of the Ku Klux Klan. Frank was later pardoned posthumously.