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A Life pod is a small short-ranged craft carried aboard most large ships and are used as a means for the crew to escape in times of emergency.

Most are meant only for short duration use while waiting to be picked up by a friendly ship and are only equipped with three to five days of air, food, and water. [1][2]

Earth Alliance Life PodsEdit

Main article: Earthforce life pod

Interstellar Alliance Life PodsEdit

Valen's Life PodsEdit

The Valen used a large number of small, one person escape pods.[3]

White Star Life PodsEdit

Other Life PodsEdit

Streib Survival PodsEdit

The survival pods carried aboard Streib cruisers can support at least two individuals. [4]

Qualtham Life PodsEdit

Used by an unknown race aboard a starship known as the Qualtham that was shot down over Theta 49 around the time of the First Shadow War.[5]



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