Malcolm was the name given to the human responsible for the murder of Brother Edward, following his court ordered Mindwipe.[1]


Prior to his death of personality, Malcolm was one of many whose loved one had been murdered by Charles Dexter, the Black Rose Killer. He along with a group of others, not believing that the mind-wiped Dexter had perished in a fire as the authorities claimed, managed to track down Dexter on Babylon 5. Wanting revenge they set about a plan to force Dexter (now living as a monk in a Trappist order by the name of Edward) to remember the crimes of his former life. First by hiring a Centauri Telepath to break down the neural blocks then by staging a number of incidents designed to evoke his forgotten memories. It worked but when the time came the others couldn't bring themselves to inflict the final punishment on Edward. Malcolm had no such problem and took great pleasure in torturing and murdered an unresisting Edward. Malcolm was quickly tried apprehended and far from feeling guilty was proud of what he'd done, not even trying to deny it. After a short trial he too was mind-wiped for his crimes and now with a new personality eager to serve was welcomed to the Trappist order by Brother Theo Ankises, who had personally requested Brother Malcolm.