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"We want to put Earth back at the center of the universe: our universe."

Malcolm Biggs

Malcolm Biggs was an extremist member of Homeguard and a former lover of Susan Ivanova.[1]


Malcolm Biggs was a lover of Susan Ivanova shortly after she became a full officer in Earthforce. Their relationship was passionate, but ultimately she broke it off when she was reassigned to the transfer station on Io.

Eight years later, Malcolm was a high-ranking member of the Homeguard, a radical anti-alien Earth organization. He came to Babylon 5 where some Homeguard agents had been organizing random violence against aliens. Malcolm's ultimate plan was to assassin the ambassadors of the four major alien powers on the station while other agents struck at their respective embassies on Earth. As soon as he comes aboard, he learns that Susan is stationed there. He takes her out on a date, hoping to perhaps rekindle their romance.

However, Security Chief Michael Garibaldi catches Biggs on tape trying to recruit a human into the Homeguard. Sinclair asks Ivanova to help them prove Biggs guilt. She and Sinclair put on a ruse that he is secretly bitter and hateful towards aliens and Malcolm buys it completely. He reveals the other Homeguard agents and a new stealth cloaking field as well as outlining his plan. He then asks Sinclair to prove his loyalty by murdering an alien named Mila Shar. Sinclair and Ivanova reveal the double cross as Garibaldi and his team arrest Biggs and his men.

As he is being deported for Earth, Malcolm angrily confronts Susan, but her outrage is the stronger.


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