"I promise I will do all I can to help; when the time is right. Good luck, Jeff."
– General Miller to Jeffrey Sinclair, 2258

Miller was an Earthforce General in 2258.

After Colonel Ari Ben Zayn began a witch-hunt investigation into Jeffrey Sinclair, the Commander called Earthforce headquarters to look for assistance in backing off the internal investigator. Miller reminded Sinclair that he upset many in command and the Senate, with his decision during the Docker's Guild strike and other instances. And while Miller acknowledged he was in a position to help but he felt political pressure not to as it would interfere with President Luis Santiago immigration policies being considered in the legislature. He and others supported the investigations initially, to appease opposition forces, so to intervene now would look hypocritical and entrench the political rivals. He assured Sinclair that they believe he was doing a good job already and he was confident that he would be cleared of any charges brought by the investigation. [1]