"There are rules and there are rules..."


Ms. Kelsey was a young, arrogant and ambitious Psi Cop who was partnered with Alfred Bester following the disappearance of Byron Gordon.[1][2]


In 2258, following the disappearance and presumed death of fellow Psi Cop Byron Gordon, Kelsey delivered the final report of the incident to Alfred Bester and informed him that messages intercepted from IPX revealed that there had still been no word from the Icarus, which has been officially declared missing with all hands, including their colleague Ms. Donne.[2]

Shortly afterwards, she accompanied Bester to track down and apprehend a rogue telepath named Jason Ironheart. Ironheart had been the subject of a project to create stable telekinetics through a series of genetic and pharmaceutical experiments conducted by Department Sigma. When the experiment worked, and to a far greater extent than they had intended, Ironheart realised they intended to dissect him to determine how to repeat it, he killed the head researcher and fled. Eventually tracking his ship to Babylon 5, Kelsey and Bester immediately performed a joint deep scan on resident commercial telepath Talia Winters, suspecting Ms. Winters' past relationship with Jason was the reason for him fleeing to B5, though the scan showed she had not been contacted by Ironheart—at least not yet.

Refusing to disclose all the details of Ironheart's condition to B5's command staff, Kelsey and Bester were eventually able to confront Ironheart when she drew a gun on him just before he left the station. Ironheart used his abilities to vaporize her with a thought.[1]


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