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"...Give me a break. Receive transmission, audio only. Yes?"

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""Sheila," I says,"you change that vid channel one more time and I'm out of here, you got it?" Well, she did, I did, and here I am."

Obnoxious Man, 2260.

Flinn was a human and a resident of Babylon 5.

In 2258 he sued a Vree for damages because the Vree's great grandfather had abducted his great grandfather.[1]

In early 2260, he was in the waiting lobby just before a bomb explodes in the docking bay. There, he annoyed Lennier with a story about how his wife, Sheila, pushed him into leaving home. In an effort to get the man to leave him alone, he tells lie about how he is dying of "Netter's Syndrome", a disease that is passed by physical contact. Worried about his proximity to Lennier, Flinn gets up and leaves, claiming he has to "make a call".[2]


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