Na'Kal was a Warleader in the Narn military and commander of the star cruiser G'Tok.

At the end of 2259, he and the vessel he commands are on the run since the surrender of the Narn Regime at the end of the Narn-Centauri War.[1]

In August 2260, the G'Tok returns to Babylon 5 and takes up station as a part of the mutual defence treaty. Na'Kal comes aboard and is surprised when G'Kar treats him to what he thinks is a plate of Breen, though he hardly believes it when G'Kar reveals it is in fact Swedish meatballs.

Later G'Kar puts forward the request by Sheridan for additional warships for his mission in Sector 90 to assist in a battle against the Shadows. Na'Kal is initially reticent to participate in what he considers a fool's mission. He reasons that with so few warships left after the War that it would be foolish to risk even one against a Shadow vessel, especially after viewing the records salvaged from G'Sten's failed assault on Gorash VII. G'Kar agrees and Sheridan leaves on his mission with only White Star-1 and a single Minbari warcruiser as support. After a verbal bashing from Michael Garibaldi, G'Kar changes his mind and the G'Tok arrives in Sector 90 just in time to assist the White Star, accompanied by a small fleet of League ships. [2]