"I will try to find someone somewhere who can appreciate what we have. What we had. Perhaps some day my people will understand what they have lost and ask for it back. That hope is all that sustains me."

Natchok Var

Natchok Var was a Moradi fugitive from Morada VII.[1]

Var had studied alien cultures, a taboo subject amongst his people as they believed this sort of information made the person unpure.

His race had decided that all its art, literature, and music was decadent and unpure, so an edict was sent down calling for the destruction of it all. Var was able to save one final copy of all their society's musical and literary accomplishments. He smuggled this information off his homeworld, and set out to find someone worthy of giving this information to. He was captured on Praxis IX, a world outside the Interstellar Alliance's jurisdiction, but was rescued by Captain Matthew Gideon and Dureena Nafeel.

Var was later killed by his own people, but not before giving the crew of the Excalibur the data crystals that contained all his planet's cultural information.

Sarah Chambers found cultural items going back centuries. Gideon is expectedly upset, but upon viewing a log Var created explaining that Var's entire mission was to save their culture, and that the hope was that one day his race would see the error in their ways and seek this information once again.


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