This ombuds presided over the trial of G'Kar following his assault on Londo Mollari and Vir Cotto while under the influence of dust.[1] Captain John Sheridan spoke on G'Kar's behalf, claiming that being under the influence of dust made him unaware of his actions and could be a mitigating circumstance. The ombuds disagreed, stating that had G'Kar attacked the first person he saw, that would make the captain's argument hold merit, but the defense clearly sought out the ambassador. As G'Kar had entered a plea of guilty and there were no charges pressed by the victim, she found him guilty of assault and sentenced him to 60 days in the station's prison facility.


  • The earlier actor who played Ombuds Wellington, Jim Norton, did not portray an ombuds in this episode due to already appearing as the Narn character, G'Qarn.
  • In Grail, Ombuds Wellington laments that Ombuds Zimmerman didn't get the kind of cases he did. It is possible that the female ombuds is Zimmerman, but there is no evidence to support this.


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