Canonbox default The following is based on Personal Agendas and contradicts canon sources.

Personal Agendas is the eighth book in the series of original Babylon 5 novels. It was written by Al Sarrantonio.



G'Kar, once the Narn ambassador to Babylon 5, is a warrior's warrior. Now, with his homeworld enslaved by the Centauri, he is a prisoner on his enemy's planet. Despite the chains that bind him, he keeps the one freedom that fate allows - to choose to live, or die, with courage. But a secret alliance with his nemesis, the Centauri Londo, will test his strenght to the limits.


The agreement is simple: G'Kar will help kill the mad emperor Cartagia. In exchange, Londo will end the Centauri rule of the Narn world. No one foresees a deadly complication - a band of fierce Narns, determined to rescue G'Kar, takes Londo hostage. Suddenly Londo's life and the liberation of the Narn homeworld rest on a razor's edge. It will take a hero to convince the Narns that G'Kar must stay in rescue help the Narns escape. It will take...Vir? With all their hopes pinned on Londo's meek, nervous assistant, Londo and G'Kar have something else in common...a snowball's chance in hell.


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